TEM/SEM 離子減薄機/截面拋光儀

TEM/SEM 離子減薄機/截面拋光儀

For TEM Users / IV7

Technoorg offers a complete set of sample preparation tools for electron microscopy from precise sectioning through effective ion milling to high quality end-polishing  - among others - in the field of nanotechnology, materials and semiconductors science. 

For SEM Users / SC1000&2000

multilayer systems, semiconductors, high Tc superconductors, composite materials, diamond films, glasses, etc.


Traceable Transmission Electron Microscopy Calibration Sample


Model MS 3 Precise cutting under stereo microscope • Precise • Small • Easy-to-use


Model MH 2 Thermoplastic gluing under stereo microscope Heat-stabilized • Small • Ideal for thermoplastic gluing


Polisher for TEM & Metallography Model MC 2 • Rugged, corrosion proof construction • Variable speed control for precision polishing • Quick change bayonet mount bowls • Timer for automatic operation • Extremely light load for fragile TEM samples

Ti disc

Embedding ring for TEM/XTEM sample preparation