Tungsten filaments for SEM and TEM SEM/TEM 鎢燈絲

Filaments for TESCAN VEGA series
Filaments for Cambridge/LEO/Zeiss & AEI
Filaments for FEI  
Filaments for JEOL (K Type)
Filaments for ISI Bent Pin
Tungsten/Rhenium Filaments


Sputter Disc targets - Gold 鍍金機靶材 -金靶材

57mm dia x 0.1mm
57mm dia x 0.2mm
54mm dia x 0.1mm
54mm dia x 0.2mm


Sputter Disc targets - Platinum 鍍金機靶材 -白金靶材

57mm dia x 0.1mm
57mm dia x 0.2mm
54mm dia x 0.2mm


Sputter targets - Carbon Rod 鍍碳機靶材 -碳棒

6.3  mm x 150 mm, pkg /10
3.05 mm x 300 mm, pkg /10
4.6  mm x 300 mm, pkg /10
6.15 mm x 300 mm, pkg /10


Sputter targets - Carbon Fiber 鍍碳機靶材 -碳絲

0.27g/m (5 Metre Length)
0.7g/m 1.0 mm dia x 1 m Length
0.4g/m 1 mm dia x 1 m Length

1.55g/m 2.5 mm dia x 3 m Length

For Balzers/Bal-Tec Coaters (3.5 m)


Deluxe diamond scribing pen 鑽石切割筆


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